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Rent 2 Own
Rent 2 Own

Our Rent 2 Own program is all about helping people realize their dreams. Rent 2 Own is short for Rent-To-Own, Lease Option, Lease With Option To Purchase.  All of these names are related to our buyers program.  This program aims to aid people who would not be approved for a conventional mortgage. They may have a history of bad credit or  may even have gone through bankruptcy. Or perhaps because of their type of work, like being self-employed, they cannot produce any proof of income.  They may have moved in from another country and have no credit history.  Whatever the problem, we are here to give help.  Most of them would be surprised to find out, that the problem they are experiencing, is really not that big of a deal. Find out much more information by clicking on  “Rent 2 Own Program”.

Rent 2 Own Purchasing Program

If you are like most people, selling a home is sometime a very stressful process. Some of you might be under financial and/or emotional pressure of some kind.  Maybe you’ve tried, but if just haven’t been able to get your house sold, that stress level can go way up. We understand these problems and we make it our job to find workable, win/win solutions for you the seller.   If you are one of many landlords or sellers that are looking for an exit strategy, we can also help.

Rent 2 Own Investment Program

Real Estate is one of the safest and best investment, when done properly.  “There are more millionaires created with Real Estate Investment than any other type of Investment, ever”. One of the reason as of why is actually very simple; the World population is steadily increasing, creating a need to house all that population. We now have available secure, high yield investments for the right investor. These investments are secured by Real Estate and offer between 10% and 15% yearly interest, sometimes more, depending on the type of investment they are seeking.  On thing for sure, is that the investors are fully protected .

In a nutshell this is what we cover.  Buying, Purchasing and Investing.  What a perfect combination when you think of it, the Rent 2 Own buyers gets their homes purchased from somebody who want to sell their house and financed by someone who is looking for a secure investment.  Find out more about our ” Rent To Own Investment program ” here or by clicking on “Investors

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