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Rent 2 Own Program Made Easy!

Our Rent 2 Own Program is helping folks like you realize their dream. If for whatever reasons a mortgage application is denied, then this program might be for you.  Alternative Properties Solutions has been created for this very reason.

Sometimes, life brings situations that are far beyond someone’s control. Job loss, sickness and divorce are among many reasons why keeping up with monthly payments can be challenging. As such, the inability to keep up with these, will inadvertently affect your credit. As well, moving in from another country will affect your ability to buy a home as your credit will be nonexistent. Being self-employed makes it even harder to buy a property; not only do you have to prove you can afford the house payments, you also have to show the lender your business performances. The hoops you have to jump through could be beyond your wildest expectation. We know, we have been there.

Buying a home can be very stressful and this is why we will help you through EVERY step of the way.

We begin by helping you understand your current credit situation (it may not be as bad as you think).  If you know your credit situation and it is not all that great, you can actually repair your credit  HERE.

Our Rent 2 Own System works two ways

1) We constantly evaluate properties for investment purposes. Our inventory of properties changes rapidly, and we may already have the property that you’re looking for.  Once we find a house, we will present it to our list of buyers to see if anyone would like to buy it. Should you like the house, we then rent it to you as a Rent 2 Own.


2) You pick your own. Once we know what you can afford, we will put you in touch with one of our Realtor and you can go shopping for one.  We tell you how much you qualify for.  So, you find the house and we get it for you.  It is that simple.

We look forward to unlocking the door to your dreams!


A)  Firstly you need to have a job.  You need to fill out the form or phone/fax us with the required information.  As well, we require that you get your current credit score and credit history.  This will make you aware of your current financial situation.   This will give you and us an idea as of where you stand versus the bank’s credit requirement.  This information will be used to help you repair your credit.

Rent 2 Own Your Home

B)  To have on hand a minimum of $5,000.00  lease option fee. You will be required to sign a Preferred Buyer Program Agreement.  Once we receive both the agreement and the fee, we will then go ahead to step C.

C) You will be meeting with a “Rent-to-Own” friendly Mortgage Broker to come up together with a program that will help improve your credit and prepare you to buy your home within a predetermined time period. This is actually how the lease period will be calculated.   As well, based on your income, the mortgage broker will decide a  “property budget”  that you will feel comfortable with.

D)  Once we have the maximum value of a property you can buy, we will introduce you to a Rent to Own friendly Realtor and you go shopping for your home.

E)  Once you know which house you want, you tell us and we prepare all the paperwork that you sign.  (Lease Options to Buy & Purchase Agreement)

F)  We buy the house and you move in.  You are fully responsible of all expenses.

G)  You meet with a Credit Consultant every 6 months to make sure you are on track with your credit.

H)  At the end of the term 1, 3, 5 years you secure a mortgage at the bank using your accumulated monthly saved lease options payments.  These saved payments are used for the down payment required by the bank.  Along with your good credit,  the house is then transferred to you.

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